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March at Fussy Mother’s : Endless Winter Menu

Welcome back to Fussy Mother’s. The bright winter joy of Christmas is long gone. Now we are left with March. In like a lion, as they say. That’s all. I don’t think there’s any more to that expression.

So here’s a menu. Order, don’t order…up to you.

Shamrock Shake your right as an American

Bacon it’s the new kale

Kale chips it’s the old kale

Driveway snow an endless font of enjoyment

Cadbury creme egg I deserve it

Shepherd’s pie meat, peas, carrots, potatoes, wintry, springy, can’t miss


You are literally the only kids in the whole world who won’t eat potatoes

Seriously you are ok with yellow snow but mashed potatoes and butter is gross

So this shepherd’s pie I made is off the table then

Fine i’ll eat it

Who cares spring isn’t coming

It’s ok to give up on good parenting if spring isn’t going to come

Post-flu pedialyte ice pops but it’s 20 degrees out oh all right

Go for it

Crocus in the garden fire up the grill!


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